Maral company Was registered in Tehran in 1380 with registration number 185381 and started its work centrally in Urmia, in West Azarbaijan province. What is stated in the articles of association of the company as the subject of activity is as follows: Carrying out the production and distribution of a variety of semi-tandem carts, forks, dumpers, tankers, bunkers, scrapers, refrigerators and jumbo (Later, other types of users, including carriage, carriage of gas and the types of truck and truck applications, were added to licenses issued by competent authorities) Although the company had already started working as a workshop since the year 1370 before its official registration But after the formation of the company, the company struggled with the impressive effort of management and staff to make progress And now Continues to work with a subset of five companies, including the Axis-makers Chi Chest company (The first and only manufacturer of all kinds of trailer axles in Iran with foxch brand), Maral Yadak (Manufacturer of tool box and trailer parts with tsp brand), Rostami Trailer Technical Services Company (After sales service and spare parts for trailers with rostami brand) And rmr otomtiv company in Turkey(Production and Trailer Trading Services).

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